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Gorgonops was a therapsid that lived 225 to 250 million years ago. It was the main creature of Episode 1.1 and appeared in Episode 1.6, saving everyone from a Future Predator. Luckily, the Gorgonops killed no humans.


The Gorgonops were two to 2.5 meter long quadrapedal carnivores with huge fangs at the front of the mouth. These fangs looked similar to the fangs of Smilodon (Saber-tooth cat). But its giant fangs were not the Gorgonopses only weapon. It had a huge jaw power. Once it had bit you in the neck once, you would die immediatly. This was a very, very dangerous creature.

In PrimevalEdit

Episode 1.1Edit

In Episode 1.1 the Gorgonops (They called it the Gorgonopsid) comes through the Anomaly that appears in the Forest of Dean. It nearly kills aboy called Ben Trent and his teacher but they are saved by Stephan Hart when he throws something at its head and says: "Pick on someone your own size." Eventaully Stephan Hart crashes his car Gorgonops, killing it...Nearly. The Gorgonops gets back up on its feet again but Nick Cutter gives Stephan Hart a very big rifle and he shoots it dead.

Episode 1.6Edit

In Episode 1.6 the Gorgonops and a Future predator and looses one eye but in the end the Gorgonops wins the battle. That is why many people like the Gorgonops more than the Future predator.

Errors and NotesEdit

The Gorgonops in Primeval is slightly larger than in reality. The Gorgonops is a type of 1, and The team always call it the gorgonopsid. On The making of Primeval (Series 1) a guy calls it "The Gorg", the Gorgonopses nickname.

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